Online Poker Sites in the US

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular. The game is played by players worldwide. It has been a source of huge profits for players and has contributed significantly to the growth of the poker industry.

Legality in the US

The legality of online poker in the US depends on the federal government’s willingness to allow states to develop their own laws. While the federal government has made no clear statement on the matter, some state lawmakers are urging the federal government to step in to regulate online gambling. Several states have passed laws to regulate online poker. However, there are still some obstacles to overcome.

For instance, the United States Department of Justice claims that online gaming is illegal. However, many legal experts dispute this claim.

In addition, some members of Congress have been introducing legislation to regulate online poker. During the past decade, several bills have been introduced in state congresses. Several of these have been put aside for later consideration.

One of the largest land-based casinos in the world, Las Vegas Sands, has been a vocal opponent of online poker. He has spent a lot of money to keep the legislation from moving forward.

Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is an online poker site that offers a variety of games, including Omaha and Texas Hold’em. The site is part of the Bodog network. It is a great option for casual and amateur players.

One of the key features of Ignition is its game structure. This allows players to enjoy the highest win rate possible. Players can also take advantage of low-stakes and short-handed games.

Ignition has several different tournament formats, from sit-and-gos to multi-table Pot Limit Omaha tournaments. Other special event series are held throughout the year, as well.

There is a wide range of tournaments available to players, with over $2 million in guaranteed prize money every week. However, the most popular tournament on the site is the No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, which starts at $25 + $2.50.


Winning Poker Network, or WPN, is a leading poker network that offers tournaments, promotions, and other services to players from around the world. It is also the second largest online poker operator that serves the US market.

The WPN is home to many different poker sites that are all based on the same software. Although the software is relatively simple, it does offer some unique features. This means that players can boost their good runs and soften their bad ones.

Black Chip Poker is a poker site affiliated with the Winning Poker Network. The site offers various games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. They also accept BTC and several other altcoins. A welcome bonus is offered for new players. In addition, the poker site offers mobile play and a variety of daily promotions.

Venom Tournaments

The Venom poker tournament is one of the largest online poker tournaments of the year. It’s a $10 million guaranteed prize pool, and it’s run by America’s Cardroom.

The first time around, the Venom had a $1 million guarantee. This time, though, America’s Cardroom has increased the guarantee to $5 million. They also added a new staking feature, which will help players to get in for less.

There are three ways to qualify for the Venom. One is to win a seat through a freeroll, and the other two are through satellites. You can get in for as little as pennies through satellites, and you can pay up to $150 to enter the main event.

In addition to the main event, there are other tournaments that can give you a taste of the Venom. These include Venom Satellites, which are modeled after fast fold cash games, and Blitz poker, which is played with fewer players and smaller buy-ins.

Global Poker

Global Poker is one of the only legal online poker sites in the United States. The site is open to players from 49 states, excluding Washington.

Global Poker is a no-download web-based client that allows players to play from their desktop PCs or mobile devices. While it’s not as polished as some of the other major US poker sites, it’s still easy to use. There are three formats for play: no-limit, fixed-limit, and jackpot sit ‘n go. It also provides a good selection of tournaments.

For beginners, Global Poker offers a simple and easy multi-table system. This means that a new player can join a seat at any available table. They can also switch from chips to play money chips at any time.

Global Poker has a lot of tables running at peak times. Most of them are no-limit hold’em, but there are several full-ring games and Omaha tables, too.

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